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The weather at Champagne Castle Hotel has always been difficult to predict, as we can sometimes have all four seasons in one day.

This all changed during November, when we erected a digital weather station above reception. It has no moving parts, and records a host of inputs with regards to our specific location.

If you’ve stayed at Champagne Castle Hotel, then you probably know how unpredictable the weather can be. We’re located up against some very tall mountains (Champagne Castle is the 3rd highest in South Africa). These mountains give us a very unique weather environment.

Up and until now, all weather apps receive their information from the closest weather station at Cathkin Park, which is in the valley below, and not close enough to the mountains to read our particular conditions.


Our new digital weather station feeds real-time observed weather data from Champagne Castle Hotel into a machine learning system to dramatically improve forecast accuracy where it matters most – right here.

tempest weather station champagne castle hotel

The weather station is connected via WiFi giving us a live feed as to what the weather is doing in the moment.

The longer the weather station is active the more accurate the AI’s forecast will be into the future.

To see a 10 day forecast, click on the button below.


We have a live weather station at the Hotel. The information below describes the current weather conditions at the hotel.