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This year’s New Year theme, takes us on a nostalgic trip back to the 80’s.

If you were a part of the eighties then you’ll remember when video killed the radio star, MTV was born, you got your first personal computer, and you couldn’t decide between Betamax and VHS, when it came to buying a videocassette recorder? You listened to artists like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Madonna, George Michael (as well as Wham!), Prince and The Police. And who can forget electro, techno, house, freestyle, and Eurodance?

Young Urban Professionals, or YUPPIES, replaced the socially conscious hippie of the previous generation of youth. For those of you who fell into the Yuppie category, you sought executive track jobs in large corporations and spent your money on upscale consumer products like Ray-Ban sunglasses, Polo apparel, and Mercedes and BMW. The health and fitness industry exploded as yuppies engaged in regular fitness routines.

It wasn’t all fun and games. The sexual revolution was rocked by the spread of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS. This deadly disease was most commonly communicated by sexual contact and the sharing of intravenous needles. With the risks of promiscuous behavior rising to a mortal level, monogamy and ‘safe sex’ with condoms were practiced more regularly.

Whether you were there or not, there’s so much to choose from when selecting your outfit for New Year 2022 at Champagne Castle Hotel.

As always there’s a free weekend prize for the winning single, couple or family.

We’re looking forward to an always fabulous celebration dinner and party, with as much fun as possible.


Do you remember when…


Charles and Dianna got married

CD’s took over the Music World

Pope John Paul II survived an assassination attempt

Bob Marley died of skin cancer

Apple Computers fired Steve Jobs

Michael Jackson released the Thriller music video

A hole in the Ozone layer was discovered

The first web sites were created

Welcome to the Eighties

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the eighties at champagne castle hotel