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Champagne Castle Hotel’s theme for our New Year 2019 celebration is, One Moment In Time. 

Our New Year Celebration is a highlight on our annual calendar. We encourage everyone to dress up, and we work hard to keep our theme broad enough to include all of our guests. While there are some guests who will arrive in elaborate outfits to fit the occasion, there are others who keep it simple and easy (we have one guest who has worn the exact same Hawaiian shirt and shorts/jeans for 6 years now, and always tells a great story to fit the theme).

The tapestry of time is littered with eras and moments in time that, while they have come and gone, have altered the world forever. Often marked by their contribution to moving the human race forward, they will continue to happen long into the future.

There are time periods that have had far reaching impacts on large numbers of people. For example: The Stone Age, Xia Dynasty, Ptolemaic Kingdom, Sailendra, Baroque, The Middle Age, The Mongol Empire, The Reformation, and the Post-Cold War.

Then there are those individual moments, some larger than others: Unification of China under Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first University Is established, Guttenberg’s Printing Press, William Shakespeare writes Hamlet, Neil Armstrong steps onto the moon, the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, Steve Jobs launching the iPod, your Wedding, finishing school, the birth of a child, or getting your first job.

The future is also pregnant with possibilities as we consider self-sustaining space colonies, self-driving cars, discovering alien life on another planet, invisibility cloaks, personal robot assistants etc. This list is as long as your imagination will allow.

Here are some ideas to assist you in finding inspiration for your outfit on the evening:

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